Vote Of No Confidence At CSU San Bernardino Police Department

University Police Association Declares No Confidence In

Cal State San Bernardino’s Chief of Police

San Bernardino, September 28, 2021 - An overwhelming majority of Cal State San

Bernardino Police Officers have no confidence in Nina Jamsen, Cal State San Bernardino’s

Chief of Police.

The Statewide University Police Association (SUPA) held a no-confidence vote regarding Police

Chief Jamsen. In the vote, eight of the union’s nine voting members supported the no-confidence

vote. The Officers have no confidence in Chief Jamsen’s ability to effectively administer,

manage, and lead Cal State San Bernardino’s University Police Department.

“As public safety professionals, the members of SUPA want only the best practices at the police

department. Cal State San Bernardino Police Officers conduct themselves as professionals and

expect the Chief to do the same. This No Confidence vote is a symbolic gesture of our member’s

long–building desire for a new direction for this Department,” said Matt Kroner, President of


Upon assuming office, Chief Jamsen said, “I will continue to build on the existing foundation

and emphasize a community partnership-driven policing philosophy. The ultimate goal is to

provide the best possible service and ensure the campus remains safe.” After more than five

years, the verdict is clear; Chief Jamsen has failed, as measured by the standards she set for

herself. The members of the Department do not believe that Chief Jamsen’s is capable of

leading the Department in a new direction because, to date, she has displayed a lack of the

necessary leadership skills and support among the membership. The following are just a few

examples of her lack of leadership, leading to decreased morale amongst officers.

 There have been multiple incidents where the Chief has shown no respect for her officers

or community members. She denied several meeting requests from community members

who were seeking clarification on police conduct and protocols. This in the wake of the

national call for police department transparency.

 The Chief has failed to defend, or even explain to the community, lawful and appropriate

conduct by her officers, which has caused mistrust and has decimated morale within the


 The Chief has not filled the pivotal position of community relations officer

 The Chief has failed to provide proper support and supervision for inexperienced officers

 The Chief has failed to fill positions vacant for a year, which has caused excessive forced

overtime, a constant scramble to fulfill minimum staffing and officer burnout

 The Chief once again failed the campus community when gunshots were fired into a

building across the street from the campus. Video footage showed that the shooting came

from the CSU campus. As officers were actively investigating the case and had a

potential suspect, the Chief ordered them to halt their investigation. As of the date of this

document, the suspect who fired a gun from the campus is still at large.

“The safety of the students, our officers and the entire campus community is at stake and we can

wait no longer. The time has come for bold action. Nina Jamsen is the Chief, but she does not

understand leadership. She has failed in virtually every area critical to the success of the Cal

State San Bernardino Police Department, from recruitment to community policing. In the face of

increasing problems in the Police Department, Chief Jamsen offers no ideas, innovations, and

leadership, " added Kroner.

Chief Jamsen contradicts the qualities that the University holds up as the ideal for the Chief of

Police – an effective leader who understands and appreciates community policing, who thinks

morale is essential, and, above all, is a good listener and is not afraid to admit when she is


“The accumulating failures under Chief Jamsen must be ended. It is time for Chief Jamsen to

realize that ignoring problems will not make them go away. Morale is plummeting, and the

public’s confidence in the police department is dissipating. The Chief’s lack of leadership, her

arbitrary and autocratic actions, and – above all – her failure to get the Cal State San Bernardino

Police Department working for the students, employees and visitors of our great University lead

us no choice but to seek a vote of no confidence in her from our membership,” concluded


Media Contact: Matt Kroner, President