Mission and Values

Protect and Serve

SUPA Mission

It is the primary objective of SUPA to vigilantly protect, promote, and improve the working conditions, legal rights, compensation and benefits of the California State University Police Officers, Corporals and Sergeants.

Additionally, SUPA is a professional organization providing quality public safety services and innovative programs to serve our University community. We strive to maintain and promote an atmosphere that is conducive to the educational mission of the California State University System. It is each and every one of our members goal to secure the protection of life and property, and the preservation of law and order on each of the college campuses we patrol. We are dedicated to the personal safety of all of our students, staff, and the faculty and anyone who comes upon the campuses without prejudice but with respect, fairness and compassion.

The values of the Statewide University Police Association are:


Safeguarding the legal rights, privileges and dignity of all people.


Maintaining the highest level of trust and honesty with those we serve by holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance.


Exhibiting the spirit of determination and dedication that leads to professionalism and the achievement of excellence in every endeavor.


Sustaining the mental, moral and physical strength necessary to carry us through the challenges of policing.